Megsy sinks her teeth into the juicy history of vampires and discovers we could be more intrigued by their association with the afterlife than the sexy versions we have today. 

Get sucked into this episode of CRAZE

*Done in a spooky vampire voice* “We want to suck your blood!” Okay that might be a bit too spooky.

In this next episode of CRAZE, Megsy explores the history behind the mythical creature of the vampire and why the legend has continued beyond centuries.

*NOTE* This is the real deal Vampire- not whether you’re team Jacob or Edward.

We brought in an expert to unravel the story beyond the night-time creatures. Assistant professor at the University of Virginia Stanley Stepanic works with the Slavic department, and teaches a popular course on Vampires called “Dracula”, who knows everything there is to know.

From Western culture, pop culture and into theatre and film, the vampire adapted through the times as mythical creatures, after death creatures and even romantic creatures.

While they were once frightening creatures, movies into the 1990’s and 2000’s brought some insatiable hotties to portray the different types of vampire. Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise starred in ‘interview with a vampire’ and more recently Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson in the Twilight Saga (okay, we may mention it once or twice).

Despite the change over the years, vampires have always had one thing in common: sucking blood. This was a symbol of power of life, and may not have actually drunk it, but collected.

Still scared of them? Well do you just spear a stake through their heart? Garlic? Sunlight?

Do these methods actually work? Well, listen in to find out!

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