Episode 2: Online Challenges and the Fear of Missing Out

Megsy explores how FOMO may have influenced our decision in participating in online challenges like the Ice Bucket Challenge and the Cinnamon Challenge.

In this episode of Craze, Megsy (and all of us) suffer from FOMO (fear of missing out). We try and find the reasoning behind those internet challenges where in order to fit in, we felt the need to complete and post them online.

The cinnamon challenge, the ice bucket challenge, planking, just to name a few. Why on earth were we so obsessed with these and where did we even get the idea from?

From a psychology perspective, Jen Richers explains from the beginning of time, humans have always felt that need to belong; from the way we dress and the things we do.

Anny is one of those brave hearts that took on the ice bucket challenge, to raise awareness for ALS. Jessie and his mates pushed each other for the most outrageous dares, just to fit in.

Remember planking? It was started by a couple of boys in the UK in 1997- a trend that went viral around the world.

Could you eat 30 cinnamon rolls in 60 seconds? What about without the bread? A man from the USA first bet his mate he couldn’t eat a spoonful of cinnamon back in 2001; thus the cinnamon challenge was born.

Megsy and Jen uncover the truth behind it all. The pro’s, the con’s and, of course, the FOMO!

This is an AFTRS original podcast and was made on Bidjigal and Gadigal country. We would like to acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the traditional custodians of this land. We pay our very deep respects to Aboriginal elders past, present and emerging.

This episode was produced by Camille Thomson, Mel Maltby and Nat Agius.

Executive Producer Grace Rouvray

Hosted by Megsy Hui

Our theme track is composed by Simon Beaton