Episode 1: Fidget Spinners are Holding Our Attention

Megsy spirals deep down into the real story of the fidget spinner, all the while uncovering whether they really do help to hold your concentration. Give it a spin.

In the very first episode of CRAZE, we take a look at a toy that twirled into our lives during 2017; the fidget spinner.

Megsy takes you down the spirally history of the fidget spinner, talking with original inventor of the toy from in 1997, Kathryn Hettinger, and inventor of the new and improved spinner, Scott Mocoscori.

We also talk with Karen. A 54-year-old who grew up in the 1970’s when fidgeting often got her kicked out of class. Matt, a primary school teacher at the time of the fidget spinner craze and Abby, who was one of those students in primary school.

The pocket-sized gizmo erupted in 2017, falling into the hands of school kids around the world. This opted the education board to take action, banning the ever-so distracting piece of plastic so kids could focus more on their classwork.

But, as found out by Dr. Michelle Toner, the use of fidget spinners make actually act as a benefit to some neurodivergent kids. She believes it may not act as a distraction, but to help keep them focused and remain calm.

Fidgeting started as a trend. But now, it has become an accepted part of society, that some people need to fidget.

This is an AFTRS original podcast and was made on Bidjigal and Gadigal country. We would like to acknowledge the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as the traditional custodians of this land. We pay our very deep respects to Aboriginal elders past, present and emerging.

This episode was produced by Adair Sheppard, Simon Beaton and Emily Waterson

Executive Producer Grace Rouvray

Hosted by Megsy Hui

Our theme track is composed by Simon Beaton