E-BOYS & E-GIRLS – Charles Hearn-Sarchfield

The most recent trend that comes to mind when thinking of 2020 fashion is the resurgence of emo now being coined ‘E-Girls/E-Boys’ a sub-culture of EMO. The ‘e’ relating to emotional exactly like emo. This trend while still in fashion is quickly going out with people on TikTok being the forefront of this CRAZE also being created/snatched by Gen Z this is a trend that was predominantly over TikTok and encouraged the younger crowd of Gen Z to act/dress this way, many social influencers joined in on this CRAZE.

This as well as ‘Emo’ can be identified as wearing black and white clothing with an overwhelming amount of necklaces/chains and jet black hair. But unlike emo, girls and boys would wear makeup to create fake freckles and put blush over their nose and cheeks to create an almost sickly look. This is almost like if the style of emo was redefined for a 2020 makeover because that is what it is ultimately, emo is not dead it is just reborn…

The origins of the ‘e’ trend specifically can be found in 2018 with the sudden rise of TikTok and challenged Instagram’s trend of the ‘Clean Girl style’ and ‘VSCO style’. It gave this essence/attitude of Instagram is so boring like when Twitter and Tumblr users would have regular fights on which site was better, TikTok is the new Tumblr and Twitter would be Instagram.

Notable artists following this CRAZE can be Yungblud, Lil Peep and Machine Gun Kelly. People love to reference Avril Lavigne being the first e-girl of her time and almost introduced this CRAZE to the world. Talking about artists following this trend a common thread in many young girls was bleaching the two front strands of their hair bleach blonde and this could almost be traced back to artist Dua Lipa centring her whole 2020 album ‘Future Nostalgia’ with this hair and did catapult this signature look into the limelight, being heavily inspired by this look from TikTok.

As I said before emo will never die and will forever evolve into something new, people are still today obsessed with the 00’s and this is evident in the ‘e’ phase. 

Emo is not dead it is reborn.

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