Where did mustaches come from? – Liam Coffey

This week, after forgetting to shave after a week of sickness, I cut my facial hair into a mustache. However, I really like it. I’ve never had mustaches. I had a responsibility to dive into where they began. So I must-ask-you a question where did they come from? (get it?)

Early Origins:

Although their central moment of origin and prominence was around the 18th century! Mainly during the war, mustaches used to be a practical differ used by military men. Supposedly having a mustache signified, you were in the military and weren’t just an ordinary civilian.

I am no historian, but I know mustaches have been going around for a long time. But they can actually be traced back to ancient Egypt; however, not many people wore mustaches or any facial hair as they were deemed “unhygienic and unfashionable”. Which first of all rude! And secondly, maybe they have a point… So instead of growing these furry little friends on your upper lip, they would wear fake beards! According to MentalFloss.com, “real-life pharaohs donned their man-made beards with the aim of linking themselves to the god’s eternal reign by imitating his appearance. These coveted objects would often then be passed on from one ruler to the next over several generations.”

But the direct adaptation of it may be linked to the Indian military in the 19th century during the British Raj, leading from the first war for Indian independence. Many Indian men were growing a mustache, which they thought was a sign of masculinity. Which I feel sorry for those who couldn’t grow one then!

21st Century Origins

If I am writing an article about the origins of the mustache, I would be remiss to mention the 2010 mustache trend. As much as we try to pretend our adornment of fake mustaches, it needs to be addressed. In 2012, the trend of a fake mustache went viral online. People got tattoos of them and positioned their fingers under their noses with a sharpie mustache. The trend originates from hipsters, which we all know are the vein of all evils. So basically, they used the mustache ironically to mock modern and conventional fashion and trends. Yeah, whatever!

Now in the 2020s, more and more people are rocking the mo! Is this your sign to rock one? Take after Prince and Freddie Mercury and start growing one now!

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